After his liberation, “The Mahalla Child” responds to Sisi’s gifts


In record time, the Egyptian security services managed to Freeing the Mahalla child from his kidnappers and returning him to his family safely Within 48 hours of his kidnapping, the suspects were arrested by order of the Egyptian Public Prosecutor on Tuesday.

The media revealed that Sending a gift to a Mahalla child after he was freed from his kidnappers. Ahmed El-Behairy, the father of “the Mahalla child”, said yesterday to the local media, that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi contacted him and congratulated him on the safe return of his son, and that he Send a gift to the child.

The child Ziyad also added that he was happy to be back safely with his family, and said that he had spent a very difficult time with the kidnappers, and he was feeling as if he was dreaming, and the child sent a message to the Egyptian President and the Ministry of Interior that he thanks them all for their efforts in liberating him.

For her part, the child’s mother indicated that her son was gifted a laptop, two wheels and other gifts after he was released and returned safely to her.

For its part, the Ministry of Interior stated that the security services in the Gharbia Security Directorate received a report that 3 people in an angel’s car had kidnapped a child when he was accompanied by his mother in front of his house in Abu Draa area, adding that immediately a research team was formed headed by the National Security and Public Security sectors, with the participation of the Ministry’s sectors. concerned to uncover the circumstances of the crime and apprehend the perpetrators.

Social media contributed to the spread of the video of the kidnapping of the child, which greatly helped to catch the kidnappers, in addition to the kidnappers’ call to the child’s family to request a ransom of 2 million Egyptian pounds for the return of their child, which helped the criminal investigation team locate the kidnappers and reach them.


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