After her dance with the “towel” .. A judicial complaint against Fifi Abdo (video)


The Egyptian dancer, Fifi Abdo, sparked controversy over the latest videos that she posted on her official account on Instagram, in which she appeared dancing with a “towel” for the shower.This is not the first time that Abdo has published videos of dance links she performs, through her accounts on social media, while she is convalescing on the North Coast, after recovering from a health crisis that left her bedridden for months.

However, the last video that you published angered a number of followers, and the Egyptian lawyer, Ashraf Farhat, considered it a “blatant act, and contrary to the principles and values ​​of society,” according to a post published on a page bearing his name on “Facebook”, in which it was announced that an electronic communication had been submitted to the Attorney General about The incident, and a picture of the communication number or the “electronic petition” was published.

In his communication, the lawyer relied on the “Information Technology Crimes Law No. 175 of 2018, which stipulates Article 25: Punishing anyone who assaults any of the family principles or values..”


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