After Asala’s marriage, Al-Arian cancels her follow-up and his girlfriend celebrates


While the artistic and media circles and fans of the Syrian artist, Asala, were preoccupied with the news of her marriage at night to the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, news spread on social media that the Egyptian director Tariq Al-Arian is divorced Asala, from his girlfriend, model Nicole Saafan, who is more than 20 years younger than him. And that is months after the beginning of their relationship.

However, Saafan cut doubts with certainty, and published a video clip on her Instagram account showing the details of her celebration of Al-Arian’s birthday, and the clip showed cakes with his name Tariq Al-Arian, and congratulations on his birthday.

Thus, Nicole has denied all the rumors about her separation from Tarek.

Unfollowed her after she got married
It is worth noting that rumors of separation have been circulating recently due to the absence of pictures of Al-Arian with his girlfriend, and their failure to appear together on any occasion.

The story of the divorce of director Tariq Al-Arian and the Syrian artist Asala sparked widespread controversy on social media in 2019 and the beginning of 2020, and turned into an issue of public opinion, especially after Asala published a picture of her divorced with his new girlfriend Nicole Saafan, and described his behavior as a “flaw”.

While it was reported that Asala had obtained emotional audio recordings that brought together Al-Arian and Nicole, which caused her separation from him.

In a related context, the Syrian artist announced the authenticity of her marriage, Sunday, to the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, while followers noted that Al-Arian canceled his follow-up to his ex-wife via Instagram after the news of her association spread.


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