“Advisor in the Saudi Royal Court” in the grip of state security


Radwan Mortada
A Saudi diplomat, Taleb al-Shubraki, who introduced himself as an advisor in the Saudi royal court, became famous in Raouche. The man resides in one of the buildings near the seaside Corniche where he provides his services. He corresponds with embassies, addresses consulates, and offers his services based on WhatsApp conversations with judges and security chiefs. Those who knew him called him “Al-Ma’ali” before it became clear that he was a “fraud”. However, it was not proven to the investigators at the General Directorate of State Security that he receives sums of money for the services he provides. Nor was it proven that anyone paid him any money, knowing that his financial situation is very comfortable.
The story began with a claim from a travel company that it owed the “Saudi diplomat” thousands of dollars in exchange for transactions and travel cards. State security investigators began collecting information about the supposed diplomat, as it was found that he had written to the US embassy asking for visas for Saudi nationals and Lebanese citizens. Judge Zaher Hamadeh wrote a search and investigation report against him and then signaled to the State Security Apparatus to arrest him, asking the Technical Branch to locate him through his phone so that he could be arrested without being able to hide any evidence. He was raided in a restaurant in Faluga, where he was arrested. A state security force raided his apartment in the Raouche area, confiscating 13 stamps and papers in the name of the Saudi embassy and identification cards in the name of the Saudi royal court advisor. Here, the Saudi embassy intervened to pressure his deportation to Riyadh, after it was found that he was opposed to the Saudi regime, but his deportation was halted after it was found that his ex-wife had issued a travel ban after she claimed against him before the Sunni Sharia Court. Here, the Saudi embassy asked his ex-wife to retract the travel ban and withdraw him to deport al-Shubraki to the kingdom. However, an international organization intervened to submit a request to the judge to prevent his deportation, on the grounds that this poses a threat to his life, as he is likely to be executed there for being an opponent of the regime.
His legal representative, Muhammad Saif al-Din, also demanded that he be tried before the Lebanese courts, objecting to his deportation to Saudi Arabia. Judge Hamadeh referred him to the investigating judge in Beirut on charges of forging official seals and fraud.


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