Advice from the Inter Milan coach to Mohamed Salah


The new Inter Milan coach, Simone Inzaghi, sent a message to the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, and expressed his opinion on a number of Arab stars who are currently in the European leagues. Inzaghi revealed, in an interview with the “Al-Ain News” portal, his intention to repeat the achievement of the Italian League title, despite the difficulty of the task after the departure of the team’s most prominent stars.

Inzaghi took over the task of coaching Inter, at the beginning of the season, from Lazio, after the departure of Antonio Conte, with whom the two stars of the team, Romelu Lukaku and Ashraf Hakimi left.

The Italian coach expressed his admiration for the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City star, considering that he is one of the best players who can make the difference at any time, as well as the Moroccan Hakim Ziyech, the Chelsea star.

He explained, “Mahrez and Ziyech are two of the players that I like the most about their way of playing, especially Mahrez, who is doing a great job with Manchester City.”

He added, “We saw his achievements with the team, although he went through some physical problems, but when he came back, the return was strong, and he is one of the best players who can make the difference at any time.”

Inzaghi also sent a message to the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, regarding his position on renewing his contract, which ends with the “Reds” at the end of next season, as he asked him to think of his heart before anything else.

Simone said in this regard, “For me, Salah is one of the best players in the world, and I watched him closely when I was in my early days as a coach for the Lazio team, and he was a player in Rome.” And he added, “Mohamed Salah is a great player, and my advice to him is to think with his heart before taking the next step, and to choose the best for himself.”


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