ActRaiser Renaissance is now available, a modified version of the confrontation between city builder and platformer


ActRaiser Renaissance, the new high-resolution version of the SNES platform and city-building hybrid, is now available on Switch, PC and PS4. The game was first released in Japan in 1990, before being released in North America and Europe in 1991 and 1993 respectively.

It was not a huge commercial success, with just over 600,000 copies worldwide. Regardless, it was well received by critics at the time and has had a cult following ever since. So, maybe the cool visual update sees more gamers wanting to try ActRaiser.

It’s not just about graphics improvements either. There are now 15 more songs in the track along with the rearranged versions of the originals. There’s also new content to tackle, with a new kingdom, new boss, stories, and action scenes.

If you are not familiar with ActRaiser, it is basically divided into two different sections, Realm Acts and Realm Management. The first sees players making their way through enemies in side-scrolling action segments, using powerful magic spells to supplement their combat attacks. Rebirth adds the ability to dodge and attack up or down in these sections.

Meanwhile, Realm Management is focused on guiding the settlements and helping them grow. Players can use their divine power to remove obstacles that hinder progress, such as trees and rocks. It won’t be easy, however, these settlements will also be under attack, so players will need to defend them by strategically placing fortresses around the perimeter above the lightning bolts being thrown at their enemies.

If that sounds like a jam, you can now get ActRaiser Renaissance on Switch, PC, and PS4.؟v=7zki3kY4YCQ


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