A sudden health crisis afflicts Karim Fahmy… and a photo from the hospital


A state of anxiety afflicted the artistic community in Egypt, this Friday morning, after the artist entered Karim Fahmy To a hospital after a sudden health crisis.

The news spread after the fashion designer, Nada Akram, published a picture of Fahmy in a hospital, asking everyone to pray for him to overcome his health crisis without revealing what he suffers from.

A clot on the lung

However, it turned out later that the artist suffers from a clot on the lung whose causes are not yet known, while he is undergoing a number of tests and doctors are trying to dissolve the clot.

For its part, the family is keeping all the details secret, waiting for the crisis to pass and to check on Karim’s health.

support message

To that some art stars tried to support FahmyAmong them is the singer Ramy Jamal, who sent a message to his friend after he was with him a few days ago, asking everyone to pray for him so that he could overcome the “strong problem” he suffers from in the lung, according to his description.

This sudden crisis comes at a time when the Egyptian artist was preparing for the second part of the movie “Dido”.


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