A start-up in Masdar City launches the first thermal energy storage product made entirely from recycled materials


Ceramic Materials, a startup backed by the Technology Innovation Support Unit based in Masdar City, has announced the development of an innovative and patented solution to convert solid industrial waste into ceramics capable of storing high thermal energy, a solution that supports the concept of a circular economy and contributes to reducing waste and enhance reliance on renewable energy.

The innovative product, Rethink Ceramic-Flora, was developed by “Ceramic Materials” at its headquarters in Masdar City, which is a technical ceramic material for storing thermal energy and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1250 degrees Celsius.

This solution allows storing thermal energy resulting from concentrated solar energy systems, or systems designed to benefit from industrial waste heat treatment, or from electrical energy generated within renewable energy plants such as solar photovoltaic and wind energy, or even from electrical energy surplus to the needs of the main grid.

Manufactured from completely recycled materials and using a 100% carbon-neutral process, this material is a sustainable and cost-effective solution compared to commercial thermal energy storage materials available in the market.

Abdullah Balalaa, CEO of Masdar City, confirmed that the development of this innovative product by Ceramic Materials at its headquarters in Masdar City consolidates the city’s leadership in being the only specialized and accredited research and development complex in Abu Dhabi.

We in Masdar City focus, in part, on supporting the efforts of startup companies such as Ceramic Materials, enabling them to test new technologies, explore opportunities and build networks to help them play an active role in building a more sustainable future. Ceramic Materials ranked fourth in a global list of startups specializing in recycling, and it is the only company in the Arab world to be included in the list, and we are proud to have it with us in the vibrant city community.

Dr. Nicolas Calvé, founder and CEO of Ceramic Materials, said: “Our Flora product represents an innovative solution that can make a paradigm shift in applications that require temperatures above 600 degrees Celsius, especially since the problem is still the high cost of ceramic material.

The market for thermal energy storage products is expected to achieve rapid growth over the next few years, as these products provide a solution to the problems associated with the discontinuity of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the size of the thermal energy storage technologies market could triple by 2030, as investment in thermal energy storage applications for cooling and power generation is expected to rise to $28 billion, which contributes in support of achieving long-term climate and sustainability goals.

Ceramic Materials announced its first commercial customer, as Store Energy received 24 tons of Flora at the Almeria solar platform in southern Spain in order to start a pilot project.

Through this project, “Flora” material will be heat treated up to 800 degrees Celsius. Store Energy plans to reach higher temperatures in the future, as Flora can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic Materials received support through the Technology Innovation Support Unit, the region’s first accelerator for startups in the clean energy technology sector, and the company was awarded $150,000 last year, in addition to training and advice.

Thanks to this support, Ceramic Materials has established the first laboratory in the Arab Gulf region dedicated to the assessment of industrial solid waste, located in the Tech Park complex in Masdar City.



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