A scientific team tasked with investigating the origin of Corona has been disbanded due to a potential conflict of interest


A scientific team tasked with investigating the origin of Corona has been disbanded due to a potential conflict of interest


Thomas Peter

The American newspaper, “The Wall Street Journal”, reported that the head of a scientific team formed under the supervision of the medical journal “The Lancet” tasked with investigating the origin of the Corona virus, announced the dissolution of the team due to a potential conflict of interest.

The newspaper reported today, Saturday, that Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs announced the dissolution of the “Covid-19” committee for “The Lancet”, which he headed, explaining this step by his concerns about its links with the non-profit EcoHealth Alliance, which is based in New York and cooperated with the Institute of Virus research in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the Corona pandemic began.

Since 2020, this organization has been investigated by some scientists, congressional legislators and other officials for allocating US funds to fund research on coronaviruses in bats at the former Wuhan University.

Explaining his decision to dissolve the committee, Sachs said that he did not want to have a team of this type “so clearly involved in one of the most important issues related to the task of searching for the origins of Corona.”

At the same time, he pointed out that the committee’s experts will continue to work on studying the origins of Corona, in preparation for the preparation of a report to be published in the middle of next year, but on a larger scale with the participation of other experts specialized in biosecurity issues.

The head of the EcoHealth Alliance, the British zoologist residing in the United States, Peter Daszak, chaired the “Covid-19” committee for “The Lancet”, commissioned by Sachs, from its formation in 2020 until last June, and some team members also cooperated with him or his organization.

Daszak was among the experts who visited Wuhan early this year under the auspices of the World Health Organization, and strongly opposed any hypotheses that suggest the possibility of the emerging virus leaking from the institute of this city.

In February 2020, Daszak and five other scientists from the 12-person COVID-19 panel signed letters to The Lancet condemning any conspiracy theories about the virus’ alleged laboratory origins.

China has repeatedly denied the aforementioned hypotheses, while the administration of former US President Donald Trump had announced that it had evidence that the origins of Corona date back to the Wuhan Institute.

Source: “The Wall Street Journal”


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