A Saudi model grabs the attention in “New York”


The Saudi model, Sophie Al-Shehri, took her graceful steps alongside international models on the New York Fashion Week shows in America.

In this context, the model, Sophie Al-Shehri, posted on her Instagram account, pictures of her participation in New York Fashion Week, expressing her happiness with this step, which means a lot to her, and which words cannot describe – as she put it -.

Sophie Alshehri

Sophie Alshehri

According to insiders, the competition in the field of international fashion shows is considered one of the difficult competitions that requires an urgent desire and courage to enter this field with ambition and determination, but “Sophie” has proven her worth and the strength of Saudi fashion models, who are full of confidence and ability to compete and defy the odds to reach the world.

It is noteworthy that the model, Sophie Al-Shehri, has stormed the fashion world out of her passion and love for this field more than a year ago, armed with her ambition and desire to enter this field, to represent the Saudi interest in fashion culture, whether this interest in design or presentation, to express the power of fashion among Saudi women. .

This, and impressively, Saudi women entered the world of fashion and international fashion. They crossed the borders of Saudi Arabia until they reached the global platforms, and drew attention with their attractive Arab features, confirming the unprecedented development that Saudi Arabia is witnessing in the creative movement, the fashion industry and fashion show, which makes it present and strongly globally in this domains.


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