A Saudi artist rediscovers treasures in the southern region


In the language of heritage and the past, the paintings of a Saudi plastic artist came out to bear the language of decorations and human interaction with heritage.

A member of the Saudi Society for Plastic Arts (JSFT), the Saudi artist, Mohammed Al Shaye, was able, with color formations, to reformulate his paintings from the world of absence to the present, so that his impact remains despite the passage of years, using the different color blocks with a graph that monitors the artist’s diaries in his relationship with humans.

Al Shaye told Al Arabiya.net about the secret of his love for embodying the past in his paintings, explaining that he has a well-established stock and elements of the past, and always tries to bring back the beautiful past through plastic painting.

He added that his goal is to carry an artistic message that spreads beauty and creativity, and reduces the gap between the recipient, the artist and the work, with interest in simplicity, lack of cost in painting, and alienation in honesty with art and its surroundings, which is ultimately reflected in his achievement, whose beauty is smoothly far from complications.

Artist Mohammed Al Shaye

Artist Mohammed Al Shaye

abstract school

Through the abstract school, Al Shaya was able to enhance his art by working to put his own imprint, and to achieve one of the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which gives art great attention, and with the encouragement of the Crown Prince, hoping to achieve his ambition to have his works among the works in museums Saudi Arabia, which will soon see the light.

In the same context, Al Shaya stressed that one of the most important tools for the artist’s success is paying attention to the quality of the materials used in the artwork, and working on continuous self-development in his precise specialization, with interest in reading and perusal, which is considered one of the most important tools of success, in addition to following up on development, and searching for I focused on photographing old houses, doors and costumes in the past, and transferring these photographs to paintings, to talk about the heritage of the southern region, and its rediscovered color treasures.

Artist Mohammed Al Shaye

Artist Mohammed Al Shaye

Refine talent with science

In addition, he stressed, during his speech, the importance of cultivating talent with science, saying: “That is why I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education, and I am keen on belonging to artistic associations, including the Culture and Arts Association and the Advisory Council for Art Education in Asir, in addition to my keenness to participate in many exhibitions and festivals. technical internally and externally.


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