A sales manager seizes 4.1 million dirhams, price differences


The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ruled to oblige a sales manager to pay the amount of four million, 118 thousand and 546 dirhams to the company in which he works, after he established a company for his own account and issued orders to sell school publications for his account at prices lower than those sold to customers, and resell these products to Clients of the complaining company and benefit from the discount granted to his company.

In detail, a publications company filed a lawsuit against its former sales manager, demanding that he pay her an amount of four million and 118 thousand dirhams, with an obligation to pay seven million dirhams in compensation for the damages he sustained as a result of exploiting his job, and issuing orders to sell publications for the benefit of a company at prices lower than Selling prices to the company’s customers, then reselling them through this company to the company’s customers at the prices set by it, and getting the price difference for the same.

The company stated that its technical staff, during the collection of information on the company’s accounting system, discovered the defendant’s ploy, and after research and inquiry, it was found that that company is owned by the defendant’s sales manager, and when confronted, he denied, and claimed that the “broker” company belongs to an institutional group that owns many schools that The complaining company deals with it.

She explained that the defendant, in his capacity as its sales manager, is responsible for setting the prices of the products sold to customers, including the company owned by him, which proves that he benefited from the value of the discounts he granted to his company and earned profits because of them, and as a result it was harmed by his work with the loss of earnings if it had sold the products. Same for another company.

While the report of the expert committee delegated by the court showed that the “mediator” company is owned by the defendant, and that the damages to the complainant amounted to four million and 118 thousand and 546 dirhams, while the defendant confirmed that his company was working as a mediator for the benefit of the plaintiff and that the transaction was with her knowledge, and he did not do any business. He competed with the business of the plaintiff company and did not cause it any harm, and the court ruled obligating him to pay the plaintiff company an amount of four million, 118 thousand and 546 dirhams.

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