A revolutionary experience.. the Tesla S car swims in the water


A car company conducted a strange experiment of its kind on the Tesla S, one of the fastest electric cars in the world, reaching a speed of zero to 100 kilometers in just two seconds.

Gruber Motor Company, one of Tesla’s customers, carried out a very strange experiment for the car, as the earth was dug in the US state of Arizona, to a depth greater than the height of the car and immersed in water after applying an insulating layer to prevent water leakage in the ground.

The company made modifications to the car to prevent water from leaking into it by sealing holes, ventilation outlets, and others with special materials.
The driver was provided with a special outfit with diving devices and all safety requirements, as he drove the car that carried only 2,000 pounds of lead inside its large battery, according to the “cleantechnica” website.

The driver drove the car on a 70-foot (21-meter) freshwater trip where the car entered and swam well on the surface of the water.


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