A quick link to download the GTA 5 game for the computer, the latest version, for free, working 100%, with a Mediafire link


Downloading the game Grand Theft Auto V for free via Mediafire is one of the most sought-after games, so that players can download the original game for free on all different devices, and in the interest of our site for the convenience of our followers and lovers of electronic games, we will present to you today Steps to download the original game on your computer in a safe way.

Download Grand Theft Auto V for free via Mediafire

This game is characterized by many additional elements and features, which the producing company has provided, that help the players to win and reach advanced stages in playing, as the producing company is constantly updating and developing the game, which has increased the enthusiasm of all players, and it is sought after.

Grand Theft Auto game

The Grand Theft Auto game combined excitement, adventure and elements of suspense, so the game gained wide fame and great popularity in all countries of the world. All weapons and ammunition available in the game.

Grand Theft Auto game download link

In the following lines, we will mention to you the correct way to download the original game:

  • First, you must enter Mediafire, through the tablet.
  • Then the game is selected from the list of existing games, after writing the name of the game in the search box.
  • Now you must select the Download field.
  • You must wait for the game to load on the device.
  • Finally they are opened through the shortcut icon.

If you are looking for the best electronic game, we recommend that you download Grand Theft Auto V for free via Mediafire through our website.


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