A problem with the “iPhone 13” phones… What is the relationship with Instagram?!


A number of users have reported the emergence of a problem with the new “iPhone 13” phones related to the “Instagram” application, according to international press reports.

And the “Times News Now” website stated that the “Instagram” application stops working suddenly on “iPhone 13” phones and the “iOS 15” operating system.

The administration of “Instagram” acknowledged the existence of two annoying errors in the application, one of which leads to the publication of “stories” without sound, in addition to another problem related to Instagram’s layouts.

The Instagram administration indicated that it will release a new update to address the two errors on the “iPhone 13” phones and the “iOS 15” operating system.

Apple recently unveiled its latest new smart devices, most notably the iPhone 13, which many technical reports focused on in detail.

Last week, the company – led by Tim Cook – unveiled 4 new “iPhone” devices, “iPhone 13 mini”, “iPhone 13” (iPhone 13) and “iPhone 13 Pro” (iPhone 13 pro). And the “iPhone 13 pro max”, along with the “Apple Watch” and “iPad mini”.

Reports about the new “iPhone 13” (Apple) phone appeared on the Internet on Tuesday, most of which focused on updates to the internal parts of the phone, including longer battery life.

Overall, reviews have been positive on Apple’s latest smartphone, with some praising the updated cameras, higher refresh rate display, and video capturing capabilities.


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