A possible confrontation between the two poles of Riyadh in the semi-finals of the Asian Champions


newspaper said “sMadridista: The Barcelona board of directors put pressure on the club’s president, Joan Laporta, to dismiss the team coach, Donald Koeman, after the harsh loss of the “Blaugrana” at home with three goals to none scored by Bayern Munich in the group stage of the Champions League.

On Thursday, the board of directors of the “Catalan giant” held an emergency meeting to discuss the future of the Dutch coach, whose contract expires at the end of the current season, and media reports stated that many members of the board had called on Laporta to dismiss Koeman, but the latter believes that his expulsion is in this early period of the season. It is difficult because of the financial situation, as the club will have to pay the remainder of the coach’s salaries and the end of service bonus.

The newspaper stated that Laporta had decided, in coordination with the team’s board of directors, to give a deadline of 3 matches to change matters or dismiss him.

Barcelona will face in its next three La Liga matches, Granada, Cadiz, and Levante, although it seems affordable, but these clubs show a lot of ferocity when facing the front teams.

Barcelona occupies seventh place in the League with a game postponed, after two wins and a draw, but the club’s performance during the confrontation with Bayern Munich was the point that changed Laporta’s opinion of Koeman after he was thinking of renewing his contract for at least two more years.

The problem does not lie in the dismissal of Koeman only, but also in finding another coach qualified to train Barcelona. Because he didn’t take over that responsibility at the start of the season.

Koeman’s current contract has less than a year left, after he signed a two-year contract when he joined the club in 2020. Laporta is concerned that Koeman’s short-term contract may make his position weaker in front of the players, according to the newspaper “AS”.

Laporta was keen to avoid this, having previously revealed that talks had begun to extend Koeman’s stay in Barcelona.


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