A painful mark in your back may indicate a serious cancer


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A painful mark in your back may indicate a serious cancer

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Almost everyone survives bowel cancer if it’s diagnosed at an early stage, and of course we have a better chance of doing so once the symptoms are recognized.

Express reveals a painful sign in the back that may indicate bowel cancer, according to Bowel Cancer UK and the NHS.

And not only are bowel cancer symptoms visible through your stool, but there are some other signs, including some on your back.

The main symptoms of bowel cancer are:

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• The appearance of blood in the stool.

• A continuous and unjustified change in the habit of defecation.

• Unexplained weight loss.

• Extreme tiredness for no apparent reason.

• Pain or a bump in your abdomen.

Bowel Cancer UK explained that most people with the above symptoms do not have bowel cancer, and could have an entirely different and less dreaded health condition or problem, such as hemorrhoids, IBS, constipation or diarrhea.

Back pain isn’t usually a symptom of early bowel cancer and is more likely to occur if you have a bowel obstruction.

Intestinal obstruction occurs when a tumor blocks the intestine, usually causing sudden strong pain and other noticeable symptoms.

In some cases, bowel cancer can stop the passage of digestive waste through the intestine. This is known as a bowel obstruction.

Pain from a blockage or the location of the cancer can spread to your back.

Source: Express


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