A negative tie decides the summit of Al-Wahda and Al-Ahly youth


A negative tie settled the Al-Wehda match and its guest Shabab Al-Ahly in the summit that brought the two teams together at Al Nahyan Stadium in the fifth round of the ADNOC Professional League.

With this result, Al-Wahda raised its score to point 7, and Shabab Al-Ahly reached point 11.

The first half of the match was not filled with dangerous scoring opportunities from both sides of Al-Wahda and its guest Shabab Al-Ahly, only in its last minutes, as play prevailed in the midfield with the presence of a numerical density from both teams in this area, so dangerous attacks were absent.

The unit relied on high pressure and counter-attacks, which posed some danger to the goal of its guest, Shabab Al-Ahly, by taking advantage of the trio of Omar Khribin and Ismail Matar, and in front of them Joao Pedro.

The first dangerous shot from Al-Wahda came from Omar Khribin, who hit the Al-Ahly youth goal in the 13th minute, taking advantage of a pass he received from Ismail Matar.

The slow movement of Al-Ahly youth helped Al-Wahda players impose a pressing style of play and negate any attack that could pose a threat to the hosts’ goal..

The match referee canceled his decision to award a penalty kick to Al-Wahda after the intervention of the VAR technique.

The first shot by Shabab Al-Ahly against Al-Wahda goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Shamsi came in the 45th minute from Mohamed Jumaa Eid, so the half ended negatively without goals..

In the second half, the two teams dismantled the defensive style, and Al-Wahda led a dangerous attack on the Al-Ahly youth goal when Ismail Matar sent a wonderful cross from the right side of Khribin and then Joao Pedro, who shot it strong, but it had the Al-Shabab Al-Ahly defense on the lookout..

Shabab Al-Ahly responded with a dangerous attack led by Mohamed Gomaa Eid, who shot strong, but Al-Wahda defender Fares Gomaa succeeded in nullifying the dangerous ball and keeping it away from his team’s goal, two chances at the beginning of the second half, which started quickly from both sides..

Play continued between the two teams, with attempts here and there, especially from the guests, after the entry of the Brazilian Yuri Cesar, as a substitute for Carlos Eduardo..

Al Wahda coach, Khalil Ibrahim, replaced Ismail Matar in the 80th minute.

Al-Shamsi saved his goal by removing a dangerous ball with his foot in front of Mahdi Qaidi, the moment he hit the ball..


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