A Lebanese actress meets her family for the first time in a year and 10 months… and a video documenting the touching moment!


Actress Zina Makki arrived in Kuwait, where she met her family for the first time a year and 10 months ago, due to the “Corona” pandemic.

Makki posted a touching video through her account on “Instagram” for the moment she arrived at Kuwait Airport, where her father was waiting for her, so she rushed to him and hugged him.

She commented on the video, saying: “After a year and 10 months … or two years
Until two months.. about a unit that will make you feel for a longer time 🙂
I was on the plane and I was going back to a “tape” all this while.. I started thinking about everything I went through in this year and 10 months and you are far from me..
There is nothing that has happened to me this year.. and there is nothing that I have tried to do until I see you.. I felt myself in the journey of Ibn Battuta, but the difference is that I was not arriving … to the point that I felt that it was possible that I could not see you.. Everything that was controlled from Mila would return to happen. Another thing that prevents me from coming to you.. I cried a lot and wiped.. and I cried again.. and I wiped again.. because coming to you has become like a dream.. At this point..how can the warrior remain steadfast in the battle to his last breath, and if he returns to his job by far? I’m such a jerk..
Now I can say that I finally came back to life.. It’s time for me to take a big breath and hold you
What is more precious than what is in the parents.
Kuwait ..”


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