A Lebanese actor is transferred to the hospital and undergoes surgery


The mighty Lebanese actor was exposedSamir ShamasHe fell ill and was subsequently taken to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment, and he published a picture of him from the hospital room at the American University of Beirut on his personal page on the social networking site. A simple operation went smoothly at the American University Hospital.
In his post, Shamas thanked everyone who reassured him through a phone call or through his page and comments on social media.
It is noteworthy that Samir Shamas began his career as a journalist and writer, where he wrote many scenarios for radio, television and theater, and then participated in several films, including “Safar Barlik”, “Bint Al-Hares”, “The Bitter Honey”, “Sheridan”, “Al-Dabab Street” and “Africano”, He also participated in many Lebanese and Egyptian series, including “The Bitter Enab”, “A Man from the Past” and “A Woman from the Time of Love”. In 2006, he released his first novel, At the Edge of the Universe.


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