A direct message from Nintendo sends final speculation to Smash Bros. DLC Warriors. in overdrive


Random: A direct message from Nintendo sends out final speculation for Smash Bros. DLC Warriors. in overdrive

Photo: Nintendo

As you may have heard, a A new Nintendo Live broadcast will be made tomorrow. The show will last for “about” 40 minutes and is expected to focus “mostly” on Nintendo Switch games launched this winter.

While we’ve heard all kinds of rumors of the Game Boy coming to the Nintendo Switch online, a mysterious new console has been revealed before this Direct, there’s also Many From speculation regarding the final DLC Warriors announcement for Super Smash Bros. climaxAnd it looks like he’s getting into speed mode now – with Smash on trend around the world On platforms like TwitterLike fans do Maybe their final predictions.

For your fun, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights. These seem to be the usual names like the popular anime character Goku (which many would argue is inappropriate for a crush), Crash Benedict – who is celebrating 25 years these days, Master of Xbox Mascot, Capcom’s legal representative – Phoenix Wright, Pokemon, Surah of Hearts series , wiji and more.

Although the game director Masahiro Sakurai repeated several times how this would happen Really be the last warriorAnd How many Fans are still open to the idea of ​​3…

We’ve also made last-minute predictions in the latest Nintendo Direct video, which you can watch here:


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