9 symptoms that indicate “kidney disease” .. Pay attention to them


Kidney disease causes many symptoms and health problems for the patient, which requires consulting the attending physician immediately to obtain the necessary treatment.

There are many symptoms of kidney disease that affect the body, but there are only a limited number of symptoms that appear, according to the only my health website, as follows:

difficulty urinating

If you experience some difficulty while urinating or there is obvious pain, it may be a symptom of kidney disease.

Excess pressure on the bladder means that there is a problem with your kidney function and needs to be examined.

blood in urine

Another sign that you have a kidney infection or disease is blood from your urine. It can cause serious complications and health problems if not treated in time. If there is blood in the urine, you need to seek medical help and get your condition diagnosed as soon as possible.

Changes in urinary tract function

The first symptom of any kidney disease is a change in urination. Any of these conditions can be signs that you are having kidney problems and can negatively affect your health.

The amount of urination may increase or decrease

You may have dark colored urine

Unable to urinate but feel the need to do so frequently

Going to the bathroom a lot at night.

foamy urine

This condition means the appearance of foam in the urine. It can happen when there is a leakage of protein from the human body. This type of sign also indicates that your kidney disease could be serious.

Swelling in the feet and ankles

According to a study published by the World Health Organization, if waste products are not removed from the kidneys and excess fluid is stored in the kidneys, it can cause swollen ankles and feet.


Kidney disease is also linked to a number of problems including anemia. If you have kidney disease, you may feel dizzy several times a day. You may also lose your ability to focus.

Inability to focus and dizziness are symptoms of some kidney diseases. If this continues for longer, you should be diagnosed.

rash and itching

Rashes and itching are the body’s reaction to some infection or a foreign substance entering the body, and if there is some type of infection in your kidneys, you may also start to develop a rash on your skin.

The rash associated with kidney disease usually occurs on the back, arms, and sometimes legs.

shortness of breath

If your kidneys are severely affected, you may have shortness of breath. This can be very dangerous and lead to serious complications.

Shortness of breath occurs when toxins and waste products get stuck in the kidneys and harm kidney function. If this happens, rush to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Other symptoms that come with shortness of breath in case of kidney failure are:

– Anorexia

– exhaustion

Back pain or weakness

– Poverty tail

Pain in the back or side of the body

This is a very common symptom of all kinds of kidney disorders and problems. It is also one of the most obvious symptoms that can determine that you have kidney disease, and the pain can radiate to your back or sides as well as to the lower back and groin area. It can affect your routine and lifestyle.

Pain from kidney disease can cause severe cramps in your back and stomach. Signs of these diseases can be:

– kidney stones

Polycystic kidney disease

Interstitial cystitis

Some hereditary kidney disorders

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