8 symptoms of an early heart attack in women that you should pay attention to .. the most prominent of which is sweating


Mohamed Ismail – Cairo – Written – Hind Khalifa

Heart attack symptoms appear at any time and can take different forms, and there are differences in heart attack symptoms between men and women.

And women are less likely to survive this silent heart attack than men, and this may be because symptoms differ between the sexes.

Female biology creates unique risk factors for heart attacks because some diseases that increase risk, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), are not present in male biology.

According to kompas, research shows that women experience symptoms for several weeks before a heart attack, and a study published in 2003 on 515 women who had a heart attack reported that 80 percent of women experienced at least one symptom at least 4 weeks before their heart attack. Symptoms may be continuous or come and go.

Symptoms can also interfere with sleep. It is very important for a woman with these symptoms to seek help immediately because a heart attack can be fatal, regardless of whether the symptoms are mild or severe.

There are eight symptoms of a heart attack in women, which we review below:

– pain in chest

The most common symptom of a heart attack in men and women is chest pain or discomfort. This can be described as tightness, pressure, and pain. However, women can have a heart attack without feeling chest discomfort.

About 29.7 percent of the women surveyed in the 2003 study experienced chest pain in the weeks leading up to the injury, and additionally, 57 percent experienced chest pain during a heart attack.

Extreme or unusual tiredness

Unusual tiredness is often reported in the weeks leading up to a heart attack. Fatigue is felt shortly before the event. Even simple activities that don’t require a lot of energy can make you feel tired.

– feeling weak

Weakness or shakiness is a common acute symptom of a heart attack in women. This weakness or shaking may be accompanied by: anxiety, dizziness, fainting, feeling dizzy.

-shortness of breath

Shortness of breath or heavy, effortless breathing, especially when accompanied by fatigue or chest pain, may indicate a heart problem. Some women may feel short of breath when lying down and symptoms decrease when sitting upright.


Excessive sweating without a natural cause is another common heart attack symptom in women. Feeling cold and wet can also be an indication of heart problems.

Upper body pain

It is usually nonspecific and cannot be attributed to specific muscles or joints in the upper body. Areas that can be affected include: Neck jaw, upper back or one arm Pain may start in one area and gradually spread to other areas, or it may come on Suddenly.

-Sleep disorders

Nearly half of the women in a 2003 study reported problems sleeping in the weeks before they had a heart attack. These disturbances may include: unusually difficult sleep, waking up throughout the night and feeling tired despite getting enough sleep.

Stomach problems

Some women may feel abdominal pain or pressure before a heart attack. Other digestive problems associated with a possible heart attack can include: indigestion, nausea, vomiting, postmenopausal heart attack.

The risk of a heart attack increases because estrogen levels drop after menopause. Symptoms of a heart attack after menopause include: pain or discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw, or stomach, rapid or irregular heartbeat, severe chest pain, sweating without Activity.


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