55 male and female artists from 15 countries participate in the “Dialogue of Civilizations” exhibition..online


Bright and shiny points for serious subjective artistic experiences participating in the virtual international exhibition organized by the Nile Group of Arts in Egypt, represented by the plastic artist Safaa Afifi, and the Lumbini Peace Forum in Nepal under the supervision of her representative Basu Gautam, entitled “Dialogue of Civilizations”, which began displaying its works on the occasion of the International Day of Peace from 21 This September to 15 October.

Fine artist Safaa Afifi said that the exhibition includes 55 works in various artistic fields by 55 male and female artists from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, India, Morocco, America, the Emirates, Turkey, Poland, Holland, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore and Malaysia, despite the presence of the Corona pandemic, which greatly contributed to setting limits for launching realistic exhibitions. However, art must be freed from any restrictions, and the artist can go through social media with his artwork everywhere.

The artist Safaa Afifi added that the Dialogue of Civilizations exhibition includes a variety of artworks, which influenced the exhibition in various artistic directions and the convergence of cultures, pointing to the importance of cultural exchange between Egypt and Nepal, which is of great benefit to the peoples of the two countries, and this is what encouraged her to set up the exhibition, which enabled her to approach From the Asian arts and culture, and despite the modern forms and concepts of the presented works, it has preserved the different cultural mood of each country to combine the work between the nobility of the past and the modernity of the times.

Safaa Afifi stressed that art is the top of the pyramid in cultures, because it is the common way of communication between people, and that communication between different cultures is a must, especially for artists, where continuous participation in various exhibitions enhances their artistic creativity, and through these exhibitions, an opportunity can be provided for Egyptian artists. Especially young people, to get to know artists from different countries and cultures that help spread Egyptian and Arab plastic art around the world.

It is noteworthy that this exhibition is the second virtual international exhibition, where an exhibition of cultural exchange between Egypt and India was held in mid-August, and included about 40 artists from the two countries, and the first realistic exhibition was held at Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum in Cairo last year, in the presence of the Ambassador of Nepal, And moral support from the Egyptian Ambassador to the State of Nepal, Mrs. Eman Mustafa.


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