5,000 people evacuated after volcano erupts in Spain’s Canary Islands


The authorities of the Spanish island of Palma, part of the Canary archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, have evacuated 5,000 residents due to the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, according to the media, citing official sources.

Evacuation was declared mandatory in a number of areas, and temporary shelters were prepared for people.

“People are asked to be very careful and stay away from the eruption area to avoid unnecessary risks,” the local government said in a statement.

Canary Islands President Angel Victor Torres said the eruption area was forested and sparsely populated. He added that so far there have been no reports of injuries.

However, lava has already reached many homes and rendered a number of roads impassable.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez postponed his departure to New York due to the current situation and arrived on the island.

“All services are ready to operate in a coordinated manner,” Sanchez wrote in a tweet.

Before the eruption of the volcano on the island, where about 85,000 people live, an increase in seismic activity was observed for about a week.

It is noteworthy that the island witnessed the eruption of a volcano in 1971, “Tinjia volcano”.

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