5 reasons to use the Wikipedia app instead of the website


Wikipedia is one of the most visited website on the internet providing all kinds of information in various fields.

Despite this, many readers still prefer the web version to browse and get information.

The web version contains most of the necessary features. But the features offered by the application are more efficient, practical and valuable.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most useful features of the Wikipedia app that might convince you to install it on your smartphone.

Customizing the Wikipedia home page

The Wikipedia app allows you to customize your exploration feed and choose which items you’d like to see on this home screen.

In addition, you can get personalized articles about what you prefer to read. Including news, a list of the best articles, and more.

Save articles for offline reading later

The app allows you to bookmark articles, organize them into lists, share them across all your devices, and download them for offline reading.

As a result, this feature helps you save data usage by uploading downloaded offline versions of articles instead of live versions.

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Voice search on Wikipedia

The app supports a feature to search for articles using voice commands, which can come in handy when you want to do a quick search.

The app also gives an option to display previously searched articles in case you forgot to bookmark what you were reading earlier.

Easy viewing of content

The Contents feature of the Wikipedia app allows you to list the contents of an article and its sequence in the form of a list. As a result, you can go directly to the article you are interested in reading instead of scrolling to the top of the page to access the contents in the web version.

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Easy editing of articles in Wikipedia

The Wikipedia app offers many features that help you edit articles on the go. It also offers several suggestions such as keeping articles short, making it easier for you to edit any article and making it more useful for your readers.

It is worth noting that the Wikipedia application is available for free for iPhone users in Stor water And for Android users in Google Play.


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