5 features of iOS 15 that users of older iPhones will not get


iOS 15 has finally arrived and iPhone users will be rushing to update their devices, however, not all features will be available for all iPhone devices, as Apple has clearly stated that there are some features that require an iPhone with an A12 Bionic chip or later, and what this means is that a lot of Features will not be available on iPhone X or earlier models.

The A12 Bionic chip comes with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, so if you have any iPhone older than this generation, you won’t be able to use the following iOS 15 features:

– Portrait mode in FaceTime

iOS 15 offers a Portrait mode for FaceTime calls, it blurs the background and focuses on the user but it won’t be available on older iPhones.

– Spatial audio, FaceTime audio isolation

Features like spatial audio, sound isolation, and broad spectrum mode for FaceTime won’t work on older iPhones.

– Direct text feature will not be available

One of the coolest features of iOS 15 is the ability to copy, paste, search and translate text within images, the feature will not be available for older iPhone models.

– New animated wallpapers in weather app

Weather is getting new live wallpapers that show the location of the sun, clouds, and more, but older iPhone users won’t be able to see them.

– Some features related to Siri

Siri can make offline requests for timers, phone calls, messaging, control audio playback, and more with iOS 15, and these features won’t be available for older iPhones, and accurately represent the location of the sun, clouds, and precipitation.


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