20 hours share these areas with electricity.. Get to know them


With Electricity of Lebanon announcing the country’s entry into prohibition due to the decline in production capacity to 500 megawatts at the present time, and in light of the suffering experienced by all Lebanese regions with the electric rationing, there are areas that feed 20 hours a day even in the midst of the major crisis, namely: Jezzine and its areas The villages of Iqlim al-Kharoub al-Janubi (Al-Mughiriyah – Joun and others), and many other areas in the ocean. Likewise, the western Bekaa regions are also fed with a high number of hours.

In this context, the sources of “Electricity of Lebanon” told“Lebanon 24” “These areas take electricity from the hydroelectric plants in Qaraoun and Bisri,” noting that “the production of these plants is much better than thermal plants such as Jiyeh and Zouk.”

The sources pointed out that “the Corporation was serious about its words regarding the danger of a power outage in the entire Lebanese territory at the end of September unless the necessary fuel for power generation is obtained,” and said: “There is a risk that a general and comprehensive interruption will occur, called blackout, which means that the network is disconnected.” Therefore, the electricity will be completely cut off.

In response to a question about the extent to which the hydropower plants are affected by that interruption, as they are produced separately from the thermal plants, the sources said: “When a general outage occurs and the network is disconnected, the hydroelectric plants will stop definitively because they are connected to the main public network and cannot produce energy on it due to many technical issues. that prevent it.”
She added, “With the cessation of these plants, the areas that feed from them will witness a complete blackout.”


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