20 billion dollars may be pumped into Lebanon and tip the scales!


“spot shot”What most of the dollar holders did not expect has occurred, the dollar has plunged to unprecedented record levels, as a result of which the Lebanese have taken out hundreds or even millions of dollars from their homes and under their pillows.
They rushed to sell it on the black market! They are the same dollars that they had previously taken out of their accounts in Lebanese banks after they lost confidence in them!

The confidence factor that experts and economic analysts have always told us about has reared its head again. And if confidence continues in this way, will we witness the return of dealings with Lebanese banks and the beginning of the first signs of a solution?

In this context, the researcher in the International Information Society, Muhammad Shams El-Din, revealed in an interview with “Spot Shot” that “there are estimates indicating that the amount of money deposited in homes is estimated at about 20 billion dollars,” noting that “this amount is very large, and it was previously out of The banking system was frozen inside the homes of the Lebanese.”

Muhammad Shams al-Din suggested that “the Lebanese will return to dealing with banks and depositing their money with them, if the situation continues to improve, and if there are measures that restore confidence to the Lebanese and restore confidence in the banking sector.”


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