13 global innovations developed by governments to promote social welfare


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The UAE government has launched the “Government Innovation to Promote Social Welfare” report, which includes 13 innovations developed by governments around the world. It monitors individuals’ impressions of government services and programs in various sectors, and focuses on their future aspirations to ensure an improvement in the quality of life for communities. The report, prepared by the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation in partnership with the Ministry of Community Development, as part of a series of specialized reports to monitor government innovations from different countries of the world, focuses on the importance of innovations and the need to adopt them to improve the quality of government services, design policies, and future strategies based on the aspirations and health needs of individuals. family, social relations, work, environment, and education.
Huda Al Hashimi, Assistant Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Affairs, stressed that adopting innovation as a solid work culture and supporting new ideas that positively reflect on the lives of individuals translates the thinking of the UAE leadership and its efforts to enhance the quality of life in society by launching initiatives and designing policies and programs based on purposeful innovation to develop solutions to the extraordinary challenges that societies face.

  • Huda Al Hashemi
    Huda Al Hashemi

Huda Al Hashemi said that consolidating the government innovation environment supports upgrading the quality of services, government policies and strategies, and that the “Government Innovation to Enhance Community Welfare” report reflects the directions and goals of the UAE government in monitoring, evaluating and presenting new initiatives and creative ideas within a series of integrated reports that enhance work and government services. It promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, and stimulates community participation in designing the future.
She stressed the importance of strengthening meaningful partnerships between government agencies, and commended the role of the Ministry of Community Development and its effective partnership in monitoring the innovations covered in the report, to provide them to those interested in a way that contributes to enhancing their utilization in improving the work of governments.
For her part, Moza Ibrahim Al Akraf Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Community Development, said that innovation is a major supporter of enhancing family cohesion and achieving the quality of life for individuals and society, which is the Ministry’s approach by providing quality initiatives in line with the directives of the leadership and the directives of the UAE government, noting that the Ministry takes care of quality of life. It is of great importance to keep pace with changes in society and within the framework of global developments. It also gives attention to government innovation to promote and develop the social development process on the basis of quality of life and social welfare.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Community Development said: The ministry is committed to performing its societal and governmental role by achieving a better quality of life in a realistic way through the daily life of the family, and hypothetically under the name of “digital quality of life.” We have many innovative policies and initiatives that have been recently adopted, and have left their impact on all members of society.

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The “Government Innovation to Promote Social Welfare” report seeks to identify the most important factors that advance the overall quality of life for individuals, whether they are physical, psychological, or societal that can be measured, evaluated, and improved, including per capita GDP, and ease of access to information about government services. Designing cities that reflect positively on the lives of community members, and alleviate the pressures and daily challenges faced by individuals.
The report reviews the most important global innovations that have positively reflected on efforts to enhance the well-being of various segments of society.

global innovations
The innovations included in the report include the “Community Design for Quality of Life” initiative launched by the UAE government in 2019, which is the first platform of its kind for community design with the participation of more than 700 community members in designing solutions, initiatives and policies to improve quality of life levels, and the “School of Life” initiative, which It includes a series of interactive and virtual workshops and educational and cognitive seminars directed at various segments of society, aimed at promoting a culture of quality of life, happiness and life skills among its members in an accessible manner that addresses the community in its own language.
The report from the UAE also covers the “Line to Maintain Quality of Life” initiative launched by the Digital Quality of Life Council with the aim of enhancing electronic safety, and the “psychological support” initiatives, which included organizing a virtual national psychological support campaign entitled “Do not paralyze them”, which was able to provide a support service. Instant psychological for all segments of society.
The report also highlights the TOMI government interface launched by Portugal’s Administrative Modernization Agency, with the aim of providing a new way to promote activities and events, through a community platform for access to government, tourism, cultural services, local trade, and emergency services among professionals, launched by the Social and Health Welfare Authority of Finland. , to integrate the emergency services of social work and health care employees into an integrated, interconnected system that enhances performance and contributes to providing services to customers.
The Government Innovation Report to Promote Social Welfare reviewed two initiatives launched in the United States of America: the “Our Tomorrows” program launched by the state of Kansas with the aim of collecting success stories of American society in developing cities and villages, bringing about gradual change through the laboratories of community activities, and the strategy of Mental Health launched by New York City with the aim of filling the gaps in the mental health care system.
The report also dealt with the integrated Kampung project for senior citizens aimed at providing housing and integrated facilities for senior citizens and giving them the opportunity to integrate into society, designing services related to life events within an integrated action plan approved by the Estonian Cabinet, and two initiatives aimed at providing a safe and enhanced environment for children.


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