“Zayed Monument” highlights the achievements of Emirati women


The Founder’s Memorial, which is a permanent national honor for the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, and to perpetuate his inspiring legacy and noble values, celebrated the Emirati Women’s Day, which falls on August 28, and is held this year under the slogan “Women are ambitious and bright for the fifties.” In line with the announcement of 2021 “the year of the fiftieth” in the country. The event, which coincides with the country’s celebrations of the Golden Jubilee, highlights the valuable contributions of Emirati women and their prominent role in achieving the comprehensive renaissance and sustainable development of the country, which came thanks to the leadership’s vision, and its keenness to support women, and enable them to achieve their aspirations in various fields, which is an approach It was established by the founder, the late Sheikh Zayed, who opened wide horizons for Emirati women to be an active contributor to the process of development and nation building.

Dr. Yousef Al Obaidly, Director General of the Founder’s Memorial, said: “We celebrate Emirati Women’s Day with pride, thanks to the vision and support of the leadership. The country has passed 50 years and is preparing for the next half-century journey.”

Al-Obaidli added, “The Founder’s Monument embodies the journey of Sheikh Zayed, and reflects how he cared about Emirati women, as he placed his trust in her, to leave her clear mark on the country’s development process. May God rest his soul grant women opportunities to assume all positions and contribute in all fields, which contributed to the consolidation of the UAE’s position at the forefront of advanced civilized countries.

For her part, the head of the cultural tours department at the Founder Zayed Memorial, Amina Al Hammadi, confirmed that “the monument embodies the lofty values ​​that Sheikh Zayed defended, and it is my honor to be part of the work team here at the monument, on this special occasion, which always reminds us that Wise leadership can fundamentally change nations for the better, by embracing the values ​​of compassion, inclusion and openness.

She added that the founding father was keen to empower and support Emirati women, to achieve their maximum potential in various fields, and to encourage them to play their main role in the development of the nation.

It is noteworthy that the monument of the founder of Zayed, the founder, has established, since its inauguration three years ago, its position as an important cultural, national and tourist destination in the UAE, providing everyone with the opportunity to learn about the life, legacy and values ​​of the late Sheikh Zayed, and to contemplate the personality of the man and leader who made history, through a system of elements, novels and images. And the experiences he presents in an interesting and unique way, allowing interaction with his unique personality.

Amina Al Hammadi:

• “The edifice embodies the values ​​that Sheikh Zayed defended, and I am proud to be part of the work team here.”

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