With a touching media message, she bid farewell to her 3 brothers who left Lebanon because of the situation: This is our destiny as Lebanese


The media, Layal Al-Ikhtyar, posted pictures on her Instagram account with her family.

Layal commented on the photos, saying: “My big family. You were the source of my happiness and support. Day after day we are separated. Two brothers of mine left Lebanon and started a new life abroad. Now 3 of my brothers will leave to complete their education after the great collapse that Lebanon is facing.”

She added, “It was a very difficult choice but we had no other choice. I wish you a bright future and a happy life wherever you go.”

She continued: You will remain my seven children, whom I have always treated as a mother. You don’t grow up for me and I will always stand by you. I will miss our Sunday lunch, our afternoon gathering, and every moment we were together. I love you and my only wish is that we will come back and meet one day, but this is our destiny as Lebanese.”

Source: “Rasd” Lebanon 24


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