What is the religion of Melhem Barakat, the Lebanese artist, and the number of his wives and children?


The famous search engines and social media platforms witnessed, in the last hours, a search for the religion of the Lebanese artist Melhem Barakat, after the death of the Lebanese musician Melhem Barakat at the age of 71, at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Beirut, after a quarrel. Against the disease, as Sawa News Agency will meet you via the following article, providing all the details and presenting them to the public, after “Google” celebrated his birthday today.

And Lebanese artistic media reported that the cause of the death of the Lebanese artist Melhem Barakat, after a long struggle with prostate disease in a Beirut hospital, at the age of 71, as he was very popular in the Arab world, and his experience. Departure had a huge impact on the art community.

The great fan of the artist Melhem Barakat seeks to know a religion, and according to the media, the religion of Melhem Barakat is Melhem Barakat, as the Lebanese artist Melhem Barakat was born in the capital, Beirut, where he left the institute before completing his studies. He joined the Rahbani Brothers Band. But after four years, he left them to find his artistic path.

Television reports revealed the wives of Melhem Barakat, who said that he was the late Barakat, he married three times. She gave birth to an unmarried son from him, whom she named “Saghir”, and this was the third and last time for Souad Feghali. Who is considered the sister of the late able artist Sabah, and she did not have any children.

Lebanese musician Melhem Barakat died at the age of 71 at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Beirut after a struggle with illness.

Barakat entered the hospital weeks ago after his health deteriorated.

It is noteworthy that Melhem was born on August 15, 1945, from the city of Kfarshima.

The Lebanese musician married twice, the first time to Mrs. Randa Azar and had two children with her: Majd, Waad and Ghinwa, and the second time from the artist Mai Hariri, who is the mother of her son Melhem Junior.

The Palestinian artist, who won the title of “Arab Idol”, performed the second night of the “Arab Music Festival”, in its 25th session, at the Egyptian Opera House.

During his lyrical clip, which lasted more than an hour and a half, Assaf starred in singing his most famous songs, songs by the late artist Abdel Halim Hafez, and some songs by the Iraqi artist Kazem El Saher.

The surprise of the concert, announced by Assaf, was that they sang a song composed by the late musician Melhem Barakat, which is the song “Shou Tawqaluna” written by Nizar Francis, and it is the only song that unites them.

Assaf’s features were greatly affected when he said, “He decided to sing this song tonight in honor of the spirit of the great musician Melhem Barakat,” then he applauded in the concert hall.

Melhem Barakat, nicknamed Abu Majd, is a Lebanese singer and songwriter. He is considered one of the most famous Lebanese and Arab singers and composers, influenced by the art of musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab, born in the town of Kafr Shima. She belongs to the Greek Orthodox sect. His talent appeared since he was in school and at one of the school celebrations, he composed some words from the newspaper and sang them, then he joined one of the famous New Voices programs, then he joined the Rahbani School, and from there he was launched. He composed a famous song by singer Ghassan Saliba entitled “Ya Hilwet Shara Dari”, as well as a famous song by the late artist Nasri Shams El Din and others. He passed away on October 28, 2016 after suffering from illness.


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