Upgrading Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s rating on the Morgan Stanley Environmental Governance Index to AA


Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has announced that it has upgraded its rating on the MSCI ESG Index of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (MSCI ESG) from A to AA.

This was driven by the “pioneering digital transformation initiatives” to support small businesses, as well as the adoption of the best standards of information security and protection of customer data.

This brings Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s ranking on the Morgan Stanley Capital International Index to the “Leadership” category and is now among 29% of the companies listed in the MSCI ACWI Index best in the field of environmental, social and corporate governance risk management globally.

ADCB scored industry-leading results in providing consumer financial protection, robust data security standards, and compliance.

In the field of developing human cadres, the Bank achieved advanced ranks compared to banks and financial institutions in the field of talent development and training programs for recent graduates, and this came in appreciation of what the Bank offers in the context of developing the skills of employees, especially UAE nationals.

The bank’s strong performance in the field of “social governance” played a major role in upgrading its rating, and the indicator in this regard shed light on the digital banking services that the bank recently introduced during the outbreak of the global pandemic, which had a significant impact in providing support to individuals, startups and small companies in these areas. Extraordinary times.

The results of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s assessment of corporate governance have increased since April 2021, after it achieved a rating above the global average for business ethics.

The Morgan Stanley Capital International Index positively noted the bank’s efforts to reduce environmental risks in its lending activities.

Alaa Erekat, Group CEO of ADCB, said: “We are proud to announce that ADCB has been upgraded to the Morgan Stanley Capital International Index, which places it among the world’s leading institutions in the field of environmental, social and corporate governance, which confirms our commitment to effective risk management and environmental governance efforts. We are confident that this achievement will allow us to continue providing high-quality services to our customers and support the community as a whole.”

“We will continue to build on what has been achieved and the Bank has already started developing a comprehensive ESG plan, which will be integrated into our next five-year business strategy,” he added.


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