Two scenarios for the new Corona wave and a warning of the worst .. What will happen in September?


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Two scenarios for the new Corona wave and a warning of the worst .. What will happen in September? Today, Saturday, August 7, 2021 03:31 AM

Two scenarios for the new Corona wave and a warning of the worst What will happen in September?

Major developments in the Corona pandemic around the world, with the spread of the delta variable in many countries and the start of the fourth wave of the emerging virus in other countries.
In Egypt, warnings of the next wave that is expected to enter Egypt next September, i.e. less than a month, have increased recently, according to health experts’ expectations, and its danger in light of the negligence in adhering to precautionary measures, despite the noticeable decrease in the number of infections.
Two scenarios for Corona mutations in the fourth wave
In this regard, Dr. Islam Annan, Professor of Health and Epidemiology, revealed the date of Egypt’s entry into the fourth wave of the Corona virus, saying that the fourth wave of the Corona virus will be in the month of September, noting that the severity of the infection during it will be light, and that the number of deaths will also be lower with the availability of Vaccines against the Corona epidemic.
He added in a statement to “Masrawy” that the new wave is expected to enter coinciding with new mutations of the emerging virus, explaining that there are two scenarios for Corona mutations, the first of which is a mutation that vaccines interact with, as is the case with the Delta and Delta Plus mutations, all vaccines are effective against their acute symptoms and death. By roughly the same proportion, a diffuse mutation that did not alter the main characteristics of the virus.
He added that the other and worst scenario is that there will be another mutation and we have reached the “escape” mutation, which is that the virus changes and vaccines do not work with it, pointing out that whether or not this happens depends on the equitable distribution of vaccines in the whole world.

about when the virus will be neutralized; To be a normal epidemic like the rest of the epidemics, he stressed that there is more than one scenario, which is the disappearance of the epidemic and this will not happen, the second is the production of a drug to counter the symptoms, the third is isolation and this fails, and the fourth is herd immunity, provided that 60% of the world is vaccinated, and this will not happen before mid-2022. .
The professor of health and epidemiology warned citizens against complacency in preventive measures due to the decrease in the number of infection with the Corona virus, pointing out that this decrease is only a period of rest, and that 20% of Egyptians must be vaccinated before next September to vanish deaths.
The importance of vaccination to face the fourth wave
For his part, Dr. Magdy Badran, a member of the Egyptian Society of Allergy and Immunology, said that the fourth wave of the Corona virus appeared in Tunisia, severe and severe, pointing out that the virus is spreading rapidly between the Tunisian states.
Badran added, in a statement to “Masrawy” that the fourth wave is currently present in most of Europe and the United States of America, where it is witnessing a significant increase in new Covid-19 cases, stressing the need for vaccination against the Corona virus in order to confront the fourth wave of the Corona virus.
On confronting the fourth delta from Corona, Badran stressed the need to take into account the use of the muzzle when dealing with family members in the event of infection or suspicion, and to acquire the skill of cleansing hands either with water and soap or medical disinfectants, social distancing in elevators, stairs and the road.
He warned asthma patients, especially, to take the medication regularly, and to bring extended sprays to the people with them when they go out to the street. Patients with allergic rhinitis also take the treatment.
He stressed the need to drink water in abundance and not allow thirst, noting that thirst reduces concentration and increases sensitivity, and ventilates homes and offices by opening windows and doors three times a day. Ventilation or poor ventilation is a common factor in most cases of COVID-19.
He also advised sleeping 8 hours early and not staying up late, noting that sleep enhances memory and immunity, and he also pointed out the importance of getting a daily 15-minute portion of sunlight, before noon or after afternoon.


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