Turkish plane crew seeks asylum in Canada – Arabs and the world – the world


The Turkish newspaper, “Zaman”, reported that a Turkish Airlines cabin crew had applied for asylum in Canada.

The newspaper, quoting the “Airport Hub” news website, reported, on Tuesday, that some crew members of the Turkish Airlines flight, which was bound for Canada, left their identity cards and passports at the hotel and applied for asylum in this country.

Satchkin Kochak, head of the Air Staff Union, made statements about the incident, saying: “As a national airline, I do not welcome the sudden departure of the team. They should have resigned and left,” according to “Zaman.”

Kochak stated that the asylum was based on living conditions.

He pointed to “the high fragility of Turkey and the uncertainty that dominates the people there,” stressing that there are many social factors behind the hospitality staff’s decision, “they may see this as a way out of a predicament.”



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