They are confident that Iran attacked the USS Mercer Street.


Today, Monday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, “We are confident that Iran is the one that did… The attack on the Mercer Street..

Blinken added, during his speech at the virtual Security Council session on maritime security, that countries responsible for attacks against maritime navigation must be held accountable, and that Iran’s attack on the Mercer Street unjustified.

He said that the bombings in late July on the oil tanker “Mercer Street” operated by an Israeli businessman are among “a series of attacks and other provocative behavior,” stressing that “all our countries must hold these officials accountable. Failure to do so will only fuel their sense of impunity.” It encourages others who tend to ignore the maritime order.”

Oil tanker was hit attack in the Arabian Sea off the Sultanate of Oman on July 29, led to the killing of two members of their crew from Britain and Romania.

Several countries, most notably the United States, Britain and Israel, accused Iran of being behind the attack, which Tehran denies.

And I set off A virtual session, today, Monday, of the UN Security Council To discuss maritime security.

The Mercer Street tanker (file photo: Reuters)

The Mercer Street tanker (file photo: Reuters)

At the beginning of the session, a representative of the United Nations said that there was an “increase in the number of attacks targeting maritime navigation,” adding: “All countries should settle their differences regarding maritime security.”

It is noteworthy that this session is being convened at the request of India, which is chairing the Security Council this month, and is moderated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

During the session, the Indian Prime Minister said, “The sea routes are being misused by terrorism and the settlement of disputes between countries.”

In a related context, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “international efforts must be united to combat terrorism and piracy in maritime areas.”

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that the Iranian regime practices “terrorism” on international shipping lanes, warning that Iran poses a “clear danger” to the stability of the region and to international peace.

It is noteworthy that tensions have escalated in recent days to a large extent, especially after the “Mercer Street” ship belonging to an Israeli company was attacked by a drone, killing two of its crew.


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