The only apparent symptom of a life-threatening syndrome!


Metabolic syndrome represents a group of risk factors that increase the risk of life-threatening heart disease. Most of the disorders associated with metabolic syndrome have no symptoms except for an increased waist circumference.

According to a report published by Only My Health, metabolic syndrome increases the chances of developing diabetes. It is a very serious health problem and is very common in many parts of the world among adults and young children.

Metabolic syndrome is often caused by some poor lifestyle choices. Nowadays, the lifestyle is very sedentary and lazy, as many have stopped going out for physical exercise, and not a few who perform office jobs spend long hours in front of their home computer screens to work remotely. In recent years, children have also become more attached to mobile phone screens.

The Covid pandemic has generally affected the general population, which is less able to go out and move around compared to the years before 2020. However, it is advised that a healthier lifestyle is required. One must set a schedule to maintain a healthy weight and quit smoking which increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and various other diseases.

Symptoms of metabolic syndrome

Dr. Ashok Kumar Jingan, Director of the Center for Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity and Endocrinology at BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, India, says that symptoms of metabolic syndrome include:

1. Increased waist circumference

2. Insulin intolerance

4. High blood pressure

Causes of metabolic syndrome

The exact cause of metabolic syndrome has not been determined, but most cases of metabolic syndrome are associated with other risk factors such as high blood pressure and insulin intolerance. Genetic and lifestyle factors also affect the chances of developing metabolic syndrome. Here are the main reasons:

1. Getting old

2. Obesity

3. Insulin resistance

4. Heredity and other factors

5. Sleep Apnea

6. Fatty liver

7. Pre-menopause


Prevention is always better than cure and a person may need to adopt a few simple lifestyle changes along with avoiding age-related factors, such as:

1. 10% weight loss

2. Active lifestyle

3. Eat a healthy diet

4. Quit smoking

Metabolic syndrome treatment

The best treatment for metabolic syndrome lies in the hands of the patient himself, especially as the syndrome is primarily related to lifestyle and can only be solved by improving the patient’s daily habits. A healthier lifestyle and some exercise are the only alternatives to eliminating these risks. Sometimes, these lifestyle changes may not be enough, so appropriate medical care should be sought. Doctors will likely prescribe certain medications to treat high blood pressure and diabetes to control the situation. The patient should make sure to consult a doctor before taking any medications as they can have their side effects as well.

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