The official reveal of The Witch Queen’s upcoming expansion for Destiny 2


Finally, the studio Bungie lifted the curtain on the expected expansion of their successful game Destiny 2, which is the expansion of The Witch Queen, which will be officially available on February 22, 2022, and players can now pre-order the expansion across all devices.

The studio shared with us our first look at the expansion of the Witch Queen, which will introduce us to Savathon as the main enemy during this expansion, where the guardians will go to her own castle in order to restore the light, but Savathon uses her magical powers to destroy the light and all the protectors as well. Will you be able to eliminate it! We’ll find out in February.

The studio also revealed one of the new expansion features, the Crafting system, which will allow your players to craft their weapons in the best possible way, in addition to revealing a new weapon, the Glaive, which can be used for close combat or even from a distance.

Bungie indicated that more details are coming about this special expansion, which we will share with you, of course, as they become available.


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