The most important makeup tricks to hide the problem of lined eyes


Lined eyes are one of the most difficult eye shapes to apply makeup, because of the extra skin that folds down, this crease greatly obscures the beauty of your eyes, and leads to the eyes appearing sluggish or narrow. To brighten your eyes, try these easy makeup hacks.

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Makeup to hide the problem of lined eyes
Makeup to hide the problem of lined eyes

1. Don’t put eye shadow Never without using a primer. NSeye makeup Smudged or loosened, it will increase the appearance of lined eyes. That’s why you keep your makeup in place with the perfect primer.
2. Shimmer shadows can draw attention to the upper brow bone, so if you are looking for a solution to hide this problem, choose matte shades. While shimmering shadows reflect light and make things appear larger.
3. To make lined eyes appear more lifted, place a folded handkerchief on the outer corner of your nose to the top of your forehead, and apply the shadow from the center of your eye toward the tissue in a straight line.
4. Do not wear make-up with your eyes closed, because it can make the eye wrinkle more visible. Alternatively, apply with open eyes following the straight line shadow application technique.
5. Here’s how to make a cat’s eye: first, outline your eyes, then blend the shadows with open eyes, starting at the fold and gently pulling it outwards and upwards. Pull and extend the liner past the folded fold.
6. If you are lining the upper eyelid, try using a thin pen. The longer and thinner the drawing, the wider the shape of your eye and the more hidden this problem.
7. Draw your eyebrows naturally to avoid the shape of lined eyes, so draw them in a light color from the bottom and light strokes with a special brush to enhance the sparse eyebrows.
8. Use white eyeliner because it makes your eyes look bigger. To apply, apply white eyeliner under your eyes.
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