The death of the Iraqi musician, Fathallah Ahmed Rafiq, Kazem El-Saher’s most important singing success


The death of the musician Fathallah Ahmed Saleh, as the Iraqi Artists Syndicate mourned the musician Fathallah Ahmed Saleh, who died on Wednesday night at the age of 64, affected by his infection with the Corona virus, and the late is considered one of the most prominent influencers in the career of the Iraqi star Kazem Al-Saher and one of the contributors to his artistic and lyrical successes.

The death of the musician, Fathallah Ahmed, with the Corona virus

The Iraqi Artists Syndicate published a picture of the late musician Fathallah Ahmed attached to a post of lament for him on Facebook, where she wrote: “With great sadness and sorrow, the Iraqi Artists Syndicate mourns the departure of the artist Fathallah Ahmed Saleh, who passed away yesterday evening after being infected with the Corona virus, asking God to bless him.” With the mercy of his mercy, and to inspire his family, lovers and colleagues patience and solace. We belong to God and to Him and to Him we shall return.”

In his last days, the late suffered from the repercussions of the Corona virus, while he was transferred to the hospital several months ago, as his health condition deteriorated, especially since the late was previously suffering from tumors in the kidneys and liver, as well as high blood pressure and diabetes, and he passed away in a hospital in the Emirate of Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates.

Information about the late Fathallah Ahmed Saleh

The late musician Fathallah Ahmed Saleh, born 1957, is a prominent Iraqi composer and arranger, and former dean of the Institute of Music Studies in Iraq.

He worked as the leader of the musical group for the artist Kazem Al-Saher and a distributor for many of his works..

The death of the Iraqi musician Fathallah Ahmed Saleh, the maker of the history of Kazem Al-Saher - photo from Instagram, fans of Kazem Al-Saher

Fathallah Ahmed Saleh has settled in the UAE over the past years, and has completed several symphonies, one of which is for the Emirates.“.

The late Fathallah Ahmed Saleh also recently announced the completion of the full symphonic and orchestral distribution of the paintings “The Gilgamesh Epic”, which is scheduled to be sung by Kazem El Saher in the coming period.


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