The chaos accompanying the withdrawal from Afghanistan was unavoidable


US President Joe Biden said that the Taliban were cooperating with the Americans and embassy staff, so they allowed them to leave.

But he admitted, in statements to the American channel ABC, that Washington is facing difficulty in evacuating the Afghans who helped the American army in Afghanistan.

The US president added that it was not possible to leave Afghanistan “without chaos”.

And Joe Biden announced in an interview with “ABC” network Wednesday that his country’s forces could remain in Afghanistan beyond the deadline for its withdrawal on August 31, if the evacuation of “all Americans” from this country required that.

Evacuations at Kabul Airport

Evacuations at Kabul Airport

In response to a question by broadcaster George Stephanopoulos whether it is possible for US forces to remain in Afghanistan until the last American who wants to leave this country is evacuated, Biden said, “Yes.”

“The Americans should understand that we will try to get it done before August 31,” he added, before adding, “If there are American citizens, we will stay to get them all out.”

Regarding the evacuation of Afghans, Biden said that the Taliban is facilitating the evacuation of Americans and foreigners from Kabul, but that the American forces are facing “difficulties” in removing the Afghan citizens who cooperated with them and want to flee their country after it fell into the hands of the movement.

He said the Taliban “are cooperating, they let American citizens out, American employees out, embassy staff out, etc., but they’re having a — we’re having a harder time getting those who helped us out when we were there.”

Biden admitted that he was stunned by the rapid collapse of the Afghan government and its army after all that the United States provided them, considering at the same time that “chaos” in Afghanistan was inevitable after the American withdrawal.

The Democratic president said that the idea that “there was a possibility to get out without creating chaos, I don’t see how that would be possible.”

Before that, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed Four thousand five hundred American soldiers arrive at Kabul airport To assist with evacuations in Afghanistan of Americans and Afghans who have worked with American forces.

And US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the US forces have completely secured the vicinity of Kabul Airport to resume the airport’s work and flights.

For his part, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, described the security conditions at the airport in the Afghan capital as currently stable, but stressed that any attack on US forces would be met with an immediate response, and without hesitation.


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