Surprise .. Google shuts down the “Android Auto” application on smartphones


Google has revealed a new update to the Google Assistant system on car screens, which will end the era of Android Auto, which is known as a way to access your phone through the car dashboard. This allows you to easily access Google Maps, music apps, and data without having to use your phone. But for years now, Google has also brought an Android Auto experience right on the phone, for people who don’t have a compatible console.

More recently, Google has also worked on Assisted Driving Mode, which arrived earlier this year after a few delays.

Now that the driving mode for the Google Assistant app is finished, the company will stop offering the old Android Auto experience on phones running Android 12.

A Google statement shared by 9to5Google and seen by Al confirms this plan. “Google Assistant’s Driving Mode is our next evolution of the mobile driving experience,” the company said.

She added, “For people using Android Auto, in supported vehicles, this experience will not disappear, but for those who use the Android Auto mobile app experience, they will be taken to driving mode in Google Assistant, starting with Android 12 operating system, and driving mode will be in Google Assistant is an integrated mobile driving experience.

And before Google confirmed this change, some Pixel phone owners using Android 12 Notice when they try to run the Android Auto app on their phones, which said Android Auto is now “only available for car screens” and recommended a Google Assistant drive experience instead.

And with the new Google Assistant experience clearly going to be the focus in the future, switching probably won’t be a big deal for most people. But if you haven’t upgraded your phone to Android 12, you’ll be able to keep running Android Auto, at least for now.


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