Sherine Reda: The situation of the Lebanese is difficult for the infidel


The Egyptian artist, Sherine Reda, sympathized with Lebanon and its people, after a horrific explosion occurred in Akkar today, caused by the storage of fuel, which left dozens dead and wounded. .

Reda wrote on her page:

(My heart is with Lebanon and the people of Lebanon. I was there in pictures for more than a month, and I saw with my own eyes their condition, which is difficult for the infidel, yet they serve you with their eyes and always taste. But what happens is beyond everyone’s capacity, and it must end immediately. They will live on beautiful Lebanon).

Lebanon has completely collapsed in economic, social, political and living terms, in exchange for the decline of the Lebanese pound against the dollar.

The great people of Lebanon have become resigned to reality, and succumb to the decisions of all politicians without any resistance, protests or a real revolution that saves them from successive destruction and calamities.

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Sherine Reda’s humanity and kindness cannot be questioned, so we respect and appreciate her very much.


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