Samer Abu Talib, commenting on his divorce with Rana Samaha: Lack of taste in learning cruelty | news


Composer Samer Abu Talib, husband of singer Rana Samaha, published a mysterious message on his account on the social networking site Facebook, after circulating news of their separation.

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Abu Talib wrote, “ignorance and lack of appreciation teach withdrawal.. the repetition of mistakes and lack of taste teach cruelty.. breaking thoughts and heartache teach you to choose yourself and prefer it to everyone and stop making an account for anyone. And his patience is great.”

He added, “No matter how friendly and tolerant he is, in the end he must stop at specific needs; he will not be able to transgress them, and it is not useful to accept them in any way if he is. It is not cheap and he will be right, your evening resembles your intentions.”

It is noteworthy that the singer Rana Samaha refused to go into the details of her separation so that she would not become a “trend” and people would discuss the details of her family life.

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