Representative Mohamed Raad apologizes


Commenting on the events of Shwayya and what followed, the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, MP Muhammad Raad, wrote:

I couldn’t hide my sadness at this shot. We are accused of being too “sensitive”, and that in sharp disagreements there is no place for feelings and feelings. I never wanted this accusation about me, I am really a person who is accustomed to feeling in every joint of this miserable life.

However, I remember the words of Ali bin Abi Talib as he struggled on his deathbed, “Blow by blow.” I remember the tears of Hussein, who shed his grief over the fate of his killers and his compassion for them. I remember the condition of the Prophet, who was endowed with patience at every grudge. I remember all of that and then go on to my constant question: Is our religion and state anything but a feeling and a feeling?

I could not be happy for a moment when I watched this old man in the future with his smile, the anger of the youth for what was committed against their brother today in Shuya. He smiled knowing their anger, yielding to their judgment to cut off his livelihood! I couldn’t show my joy for all this sorrow we live in!

We who are accused of Ali’s mandate, are condemned for his morals, otherwise we will leave his mandate. The morals of Ali pregnant with mercy, stillness, clemency, forgiveness and above all… Justice! Justice, my friends, justice!

I also cried in anger for my brother who was hiding in Shuya, the breed of stray dogs on him, I cried for this sheikh’s shy smile… I cried with all my anger, sadness and oppression! This world is aggravated by grinding the weak!

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