One of the most popular Windows applications gets new features


One of the most popular Windows applications gets new features

Some sites interested in technical affairs mentioned that one of the most popular applications included in Windows systems for computers may get additional features.

According to the latest leaks, Microsoft is developing the Your Phone application in Windows systems to be able to work with Android phones and with iOS phones as well, and expand the Android device segment capable of securing its services for it.

With the arrival of the new updates to this application, users of computers and smartphones will be able to exchange data between these devices more easily and smoothly between their devices through the Link to Windows feature that secures the phone’s connection to the computer, transferring data such as photos, videos and written files, as well as activating important applications in the phone to run on the desktop computer desk.

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New modifications make systems

And Microsoft had made many modifications to Your Phone in recent years to facilitate its control, as it enabled users of Android phones to control the music in their devices through Windows computers, as well as control their applications from the computer as well, but the features of the application were limited to specific types of phones from Including phones from the Galaxy family produced by Samsung.

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