News 24 | “Al-Haili” launches Al-Ittihad team kits for the new season (video and photos)


"Al-Haili" Inaugurates Al-Ittihad team kitsThe Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ittihad Club, Anmar Al-Haili, and the General Manager of the “GREEN GOAL” sports company, the official agent of the Italian brand in the manufacture of sportswear and accessories “ERREA”, Saleh Al-Saleh; The new kit for the first football team.

Al-Haili confirmed that choosing ERREA to be the official clothing company for Al-Ittihad Club came in exchange for the company’s keenness to partner with Al-Ittihad Club to provide what befits the Dean of Saudi Clubs and its wide fans.

He explained that the negotiations with the company included, in addition to providing all the requirements of the club’s different teams, providing the best possible service to the club’s fans through the outlets that will be established not only in Jeddah, in addition to other electronic options to obtain products with ease and ease.

For his part, Saleh Al-Saleh revealed that Al-Ittihad club has become the first club outside Europe to wear anti-bacterial, anti-sweat and water-repellent clothing made of environmentally friendly materials.

He added that the company is keen to obtain its products, the satisfaction of the masses by providing all kinds of clothes for all groups (men – women – and children) in various sizes, which will be put up in the outlets whose launch will be through the club store next week.

"Al-Haili" Inaugurates Al-Ittihad team kits

"Al-Haili" Inaugurates Al-Ittihad team kits


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