Nadine Njeim .. And the secrets of “Zahra Salon”


Since the presentation of the promotional video for her upcoming new series, “Zahra Salon”, which was accompanied by the phrase “who has the courage to resist her ferocity and own her feelings”, the name of actress Nadine Nassib Njeim topped the list of Lebanese tweets on Twitter, and many echoed her mockery of Majdi Machmouchi when he appeared In the scene, he carries his chicken, stunned, and she says to him sarcastically: “TTTT TEE!”

Nadine appeared walking in the street with high self-confidence and the eyes of the men chasing her. “Promo” summarized Zahra’s story with the men of the popular neighborhood, namely: Mutasim al-Nahar, Nazim Issa, Tony Issa and Majdi Mashmoushi.

Najim turned into an artistic phenomenon, not only in Lebanon but in the entire Arab world, especially in Egypt, which received her on her screens, through a series of joint works, so that her last work, “Twenty Twenty”, which was shown during the last Ramadan season, was able to compete with the Egyptian drama. It was among the five most viewed acts in the country of 120 million people.
With the approaching date of the presentation of “Zahra Salon” on the Shahid platform (August 19), the name of Nadine Njeim and her new series, the Lebanese “Trend”, appeared on “Twitter”, as well as the release of her name, the Egyptian trend, after the replay of the episode in which she appeared in the program “Ighlab El Sakka”, which Presented in the last Ramadan season.
The salon workers are mesmerized by the beauty of the neighborhood’s youth, and Najim appears to be a strong and challenging woman. Later, when the co-actors of the series released another teaser video for the series, this time the phrase “men are not allowed”, to suggest that the work deals with social issues related to women. The series includes tears, laughter, excitement, mystery, secrets, and enthusiasm.
The events of the series “Zahra Salon” revolve in a women’s salon, and it reminds of the movie “Sugar Girls” directed by Nadine Labaki, also known as “Caramel”. It is the first feature film directed by Labaki in the year 2007 and its story revolves around “Layal” (played by Nadine Labaki). ), a girl who works in a beauty salon with three other women, each of whom has a problem.

There is no doubt that the “Al-Sabah” company that produces the series “Salon Zahra” is good at recreating its stars and works, and Nadine Njeim is the only actress who has succeeded in competing with Tim Hassan in the company, although he is the spoiled star of the company, knowing that Nadine had revolted against Hassan, by refusing to participate in the show. The second season of the “Al-Hiba” series, when she felt that she would not be a competing heroine, but rather a follower of it, and this was confirmed by the roles played by the stars who participated in the later parts of “Al-Hiba”, starring Nicole Saba, Sirin Abdel Nour and Dima Kandalaft.
At first glance, those who follow the teaser videos of the series may think that it is a comic, but its writer Nadine Jaber points out that the work is a drama-comedy type, and deals with women’s stories, sometimes in a weeping way and sometimes in a funny way, as she describes it as “an entertaining and meaningful series that sheds light on important stories.” In the community”.
Nadine Njeim, who was loved by people in the character “Hayat Abdullah” in “Twenty Twenty” and chanted the phrase “finished”, is expected to shine more as a comedian in the series “Zahra Salon”, and this is confirmed by some scenes in the successive videos promoting the series, from Among them are the dancing scenes, the scenes of falling to the ground with the girls of the salon, and the scene in which she appeared blowing the balloon with chewing gum.

It is noteworthy that “Zahra Salon” consists of 15 episodes and will be shown on the “Shahid” platform, and it is written by Nadine Jaber, directed by Joe Bou Eid, and co-starring with Nadine Njeim, Mutasem Al-Nahar, Tony Issa, Carol Abboud, Nicolas Daniel , Fadi Abi Samra, Zina Makki, Nahla Daoud, Majdi Machmouchi, Nawal Kamel, Junaid Zain Al-Din, Anju Rayhan, Hussein Mokaddam, Rasha Bilal, Lyn Ghorra and others.


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