More than 50 thousand deaths from “Corona” this month in Russia


The Russian Statistics Agency “Rostat” announced that the epidemic of Covid-19 killed fifty thousand and 421 people in Russia in July, while the vaccination campaign is proceeding slowly and has not imposed quarantine measures despite the sharp wave of the delta mutant.

The figures issued by the statistics agency are larger than those published daily by the Russian government’s crisis center because it has a broader definition of people whose deaths can be considered to be caused by corona.

The agency said that the Corona virus was the direct cause of the death of 38,922 people in July, in addition to 5206 people.

There are 1,449 other people who died in July due to complications caused by the Corona virus for the diseases they suffer from.

Another 4,844 people died of other causes, but they were infected with corona when they died. In total, 50,421 people died of COVID-19 in Russia in July, according to Rosstat, compared to 23,349 deaths recorded by the State Crisis Center. This brings the total number of deaths caused by the Corona virus in Russia since the beginning of the epidemic, according to Rosstat figures, to more than 350 thousand people.


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